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These are our wiki's rules. We do expect you to follow them. Every member/user must go by these rules or go through the consequences that are stated.  Nobody will get special treatment of any kind.  

  • Before you start a Roleplay in this Wiki, you must get consent from one our admins.  Keep in mind that it can't be out of control, we allow mature roleplays, but it can't be too crazy.

  • If you are participating in one of our Roleplays, please show up on time.  If you are continuously late and/or don’t show up at all, you will be considered to be kicked out of the role play and an official sub will be made.  

  • In Roleplays, you are not allowed to “godplay” or “god”. “God Playing”/”Godding” is completing a challenge in a ridiculous amount of time and/or using unrealistic abilities with the characters you are role playing with.  Any attempts at this will result in a kick or a ban.

  • Any form of vandalism will result in a punishment, such as a ban or, if severe enough, a block.

  • No arguing on chat is allowed. If the arguing continues, punishments will be set to the individuals who are involved in the situation.  

  • We do NOT tolerate any comments that offend race, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation, and/or beliefs. Any comments that fall under this criteria will be punished accordingly.

  • Please respect everyone for who they are and their morals, values, and beliefs.

  • No spoiling of TV shows is allowed unless the episode has already been released to the public.  Please also be considerate to people who haven’t watched episodes of any show.

  • We do permit advertising, but mostly from active users who are trusted. You may not advertise more than three times a day. Any other attempts at advertising will lead to a warning, kick, or a ban.

  • If you want an emoticon made, you must have a picture that doesn't belong to someone else. You may use pictures from other people if you have their consent. If you have a concern whether the picture can be used or not, let an admin know

  • If you have any requests on a promotion, please ask an admin if there are spots available.  If they’re not available, please be patient and wait while a new spot opens or an announcement about promotion opportunities comes up.  

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, contact one of our 6 admins: Heozaki, DegrassiFTW27, Metanuki, ToasterSnifferBreadisGood, Teamdarkfan4, or Rocky LXIX and we'll get to it right away.

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