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Congratulations to the new Wiki Leader, Rocky LXIX! The Rockpublican Era has begun.

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  • We wish the best for our fellow user, Lush, and for him to stay strong in hard times.
  • Congratulations to the NEW TDRPW Wiki Leader, Rocky LXIX!
  • Read Heozaki's 2016 Plans and Announcements Post Here.
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The TDRPW was founded on November 10th, 2013. Our mission for the last 2 years has been to provide a wiki experience that's fun and different than any other place. We go out of the box and try ideas that are usually unheard of or not really attempted in the realm of Wikia. The ideas that we execute try to bring new endeavors to the other concepts that we have. The result is a community coming up with crazy, yet fun ideas that are released as Fan Fictions, Activities/Events, and/or Role Plays. A huge thanks to the community for 2 Years of Greatness.

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