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The 2014 TDRPW Awards were hosted by Teamdarkfan4 and co-hosted by ToasterSnifferBreadisGood on January 9th of 2015. There were 12 Awards Presented and Awarded to their rightful winners.

2014 TDRPW Awards Results
# Award Nominees For Award Winner
1 Weirdest Newcomer Chwiis




Ethan Oka

3 Best Fan Fiction TDRPW Guy (By DegrassiFTW27)

TDRPW Star Wars (By Chwiis)

TDRPW PPV Series (By DegrassiFTW27)

Total Drama Balls of Steel (By Rocky LXIX)

Toast's Mini Stories (By ToasterSnifferBreadisGood)

TDRPW Guy (By DegrassiFTW27)
3 Best Sock GOsama

Shelby the Llama





Shelby the Llama
4 Funniest User Chwiis



Rocky LXIX


5 Best RP Series Total Drama Trollplay Series

Total Drama Series

New Age Heroes

Total Drama Bare Bones

Total Drama Trollplay Series
6 Best Duo Dark & Toast

Chwiis & Rocky

Rj & Fiz

Heo & Meta

Dark & Toast
7 Underdog XxAquaInfinityxX




8 Funniest Moment JRO's Rage Off on Heo

The Ham Invasion

The Lush Wiki Invasion

Rj's FB Profile Being Revealed

Rj's FB Profile Being Revealed
9 Best Feud Hams vs Bois (Summer '14)

Chip vs Heo (Throughout 2014)

Rocker vs Rocky (Fall '14)

OTDRPW vs TDRPW (Throughout 2014)

Hams vs Bois (Summer '14)
10 Most Epic Moment Rocky going off on Rocker

TDRPW beating OTDRPW in the Wiki Battles

Bois vs Hams Faceoff

Chip getting blocked for good

Chip getting blocked for good
11 Best Gimmick Reverend Heo

Dark as Max Goof

Stone Goat Rock Boston

Fiz's Thing

Chwiis' Shrek Obsession

Dark as Max Goof
12 Biggest Conspiracy Rj's Facebook being real

Ally was faking the whole time

Grass being a 69 year old pedo

Heo not being at church at all that one week

Ally was faking the whole time


  • Chwiis had the most nominations, with 8, but he only won 2 of the nominations.
  • Teamdarkfan4, Chwiis, and ToasterSnifferBreadisGood tied with the most awards.

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